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[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2006-11-08 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 1. MC 2. Shuffle 3. Funk 4. 38 Pieces * 5. Yellow Tale * 6. Chi Chi Booooo * 7. Trick Cycling * 8. Half Sunset * Disc:2 1. Block Signal Encore 2. Improv > Shuffle Ending * 3. Improv > Loop *
Downloads: 308
[etree]Fly Live at Crocodile on 2007-01-28 - Fly
Disc1 01:FLYsong 02:Stain 03:Alumni blues 04:Traditional 05:slow express Disc2 01:The Curtain > 02:When The circus comes To Town 03:Leave me 04:Mikes Song 05:Drive my car Encore 06:Possum
Downloads: 1,724
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2010-10-13 - Sardine Head
Disc1 Set1 01.Romanchica 02.Fusion 03.Killifish Dance 04.MC 05.Untitled 06.Nelson Set 2 01.Shuffle 02.Wild xxxx 03.Red xxxxx 04.Goose Bumps 05.Prodigal xxxx 06.MC 07.Soil Encore 08.The Ending 09.Untitled
Downloads: 55
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2009-09-29 - Sardine Head
Disc1 Set1 01:Fusion 02:Goose Bumps 03:Rise Sunrise > 04:Killifish Dance 05:Interlude 2 > 06:The Ending Disc2 Set2 01:Shuffle 02:風は光る(Kaze Wa Hikaru)* 03:Trick Cycling 04:Country Rock* 05:Whichi-Tai-To** 06:Loop 07:crowd Encore 08:Soil
Downloads: 99
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Heaven's Door on 2009-11-07 - Sardine Head
01:Goose Bumps 02:Fusion 03:MC 04:Interlude 2 > 05:FUNK 06:The Ending
Downloads: 65
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Asagiri Tenku Matsuri on 2010-08-28 - Sardine Head
01.Romanchica 02.Fusion 03.On The Border 04.Killifish Dance 05.MC 06.Interlude > 07.Goose Bumps 08.Nelson 09.Soil
Downloads: 61
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Live Bar Freaky Show on 2010-12-11 - Sardine Head
Disc1 Set 1 01.38 Pieces 02.River The Wild 03.Killifish Dance 04.Endorphin 05.Nelson Disc2 Set 2 01.Romanchica 02.Fusion 03.Yellow Tale 04.Goose Bumps 05.Soil Encore 06.The Ending 07.Block Signal
Downloads: 107
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2010-12-30 - Sardine Head
Set1 Disc1 01. MC 02. Spiral 03. Fusion 04. Killifish Dance 05. Romanchica 06. Nelson Set2 Disc2 01. The Ending 02. Plastic Paradise 03. Funk 04. MC 05. Yellow Tale * 06. River The Wild * 07. Soil Set3 Disc3 01. MC 02. 世界遺産のテーマ(World Heritage Theme) ** 03. Goose Bumps ** 04. MC 05. Shuffle *** 06. Loop *** 07. Crowd Encore 08. Block Signal
Downloads: 88
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2011-12-08 - Sardine Head
One set all Disc 1 01. Romanchica 02. Nelson 03. Rise Sunrise 04. Untitled 05. River The Wild Disc 2 01. MC 02. Beg 03. Yellow Tale 04. Blow Ripple 05. Crowd Encore 06. Shuffle
Downloads: 58
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2008-01-11 - Sardine Head
01:Yellow Tale 02:38 Pieces 03:Killifish Dance 04:Chi Chi Booooo 05:Untitled 06:Soil
Downloads: 243
[etree]Garage A Trois Live at DUO Music Exchange on 2010-01-31 - Garage A Trois
Disc1. Set1 01.Opening 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. Disc2. Set2 01.MC 02. 03. 04. 05. 06. 07. 08. Disc3. Encore 01. No Quarter > 02.
Downloads: 376
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2008-11-12 - Sardine Head
Disc1 Set1 01:Yellow Tale 02:Beg 03:Go Get Your Lemon > 04:Bamboo Baby 05:The Ending Set2 06:Shuffle* 07:Trick Cycling* 08:Killifish Dance* 09:MC 10:Cream Cheese Cake* Disc2 Set2 cont. 01:MC 02:Untitled 03:Block Signal 04:Soil 05:crowd Encore 06:Interlude > Drum Solo > 07:Chi Chi Booooo 08:Loop*
Downloads: 72
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Club Vijon on 2006-10-14 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01.Block Signal 02.Yellow tale 03.Chi Chi Booooo 04.Dakar 05.Romanchica Set 2 01.38 Pieces 02.Shuffle 03.Trick Cycling 04.Loop 05.Half Sunset 06.E1: Killifish Dance > 07.E2:Moving
Downloads: 937
[etree]Fly Live at Fumotoppara on 2010-08-28 - Fly
01.Beat Sweet 02.Frankenstein 03.伝説のひと時(A Moment Of Legend) 04.MC 05.Divided Sky 06.P-Minor 07.Duo
Downloads: 205
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Noon on 2008-04-13 - Sardine Head
disc1 01:Bamboo Baby 02:Cream Cheese Cake 03:Chi Chi Booooo 04:Killifish Dance > 05:38 Pieces disc2 01:MC 02:Beg 03:Soil 04:Dream Man Grabs The Rabbit 05:Block Signal 06:crowd Encore 07:Trick Cycling
Downloads: 242
[etree]Fly Live at Grape Fruit Moon on 2005-12-10 - Fly
01:Stain 02:We can run 03:Indian song 04:the the the
Downloads: 359
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2012-10-08 - Sardine Head
One set all Disc1 01. Spiral 02. Untitled 03. Endorphin 04. MC Disc2 01. Untitled 02. New Spiral 03. River The Wild 04. Dream Man Grabs The Rabbit > 05. Trick Cycling 06. Soil Encore 07. Blow Ripple
Downloads: 67
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2011-09-30 - Sardine Head
(One set all) 01.Romanchica 02.Rise Sunrise 03.River The Wild 04.MC 05.Interlude 2 06.Shuffle 07.Killifish Dance 08.Blow Ripple
Downloads: 81
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2011-12-30 - Sardine Head
Set 1 / Disc1 01.Romanchica 02.Leap Frog 03.Nelson 04.Untitled 05.Untitled* 06.River The Wild 07.Soil Set 2 / Disc2 01.Shuffle 02.Eyes Of The World** > 03.Funk Jam > 04.Fire On The Mountain** 05.MC 06.Killifish Dance 07.Ship Of Fools** 08.On The Bright Side Of The Road*** Encore / Disc3 01.MC 02.Movin' 03.Yellow Tale 04.MC 05.Blow Ripple
Downloads: 74
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Sact on 2006-12-15 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 01.Yellow Tale 02.Romanchica 03.Trick Cycling 04.Half Sunset 05.Block Signal 06.Movin' Disc:2 01.E1:Improv > 02.E2:Loop
Downloads: 452
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Club Fleez on 2009-06-20 - Sardine Head
(One set all) Disc1 01.Romanchica 02.Funk 03.Fusion 04.Cream Cheese Cake 05.Goose Bumps Disc2 01.Killifish Dance 02:MC 03:Bamboo Baby 04:Dream Man Grabs The Rabbit 05:Soil 06:The Ending 07:Block Signal 08:Crowd Encore: 09:Pool > 10:Loop
Downloads: 62
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Thumb's Up on 2011-05-23 - Sardine Head
(One set all) 01.Shuffle 02.MC 03.River The Wild 04.Goose Bumps 05.Trick Cycling 06.MC 07.Untitled 08.Nelson 09.Yellow Tale Encore 10.Soil
Downloads: 79
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2007-06-01 - Sardine Head
01.Shuffle 02.Cream Cheese Cake 03.Beg 04.38 Pieces 05.Trick Cycling 06.Block Signal 07.Yellow Tale 08.Soil
Downloads: 420
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2007-01-26 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 01.Block Signal 02.Trick Cycling 03.Cream Cheese Cake 04.Dream Man 05.Yellow Tale 06.Untitled Disc:2 01.Improv > Movin' 02.crowd 03.E1: 38 Pieces 04.E2: Loop
Downloads: 355
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Yukotopia on 2007-02-23 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 Set1 01.Romanchica 02.Killifish Dance 03.Shuffle 04.Beg 05.Trick Cycling 06.Cream Cheese Cake Disc:2 Set2 01.Pool 02.Chi Chi Booooo 03.Improv > Yellow Tale 04.Improv > 38 Pieces 05.Block Signal Disc:3 Encore 01.crowd 02.E:Improv > Movin'
Downloads: 436
[etree]Sim Redmond Band Live at boom boom bush on 2006-11-11 - Sim Redmond Band
Disc:1 01.All Is Not Lost 02.Pink Guitar 03.All I Ever Had 04.Life is Water 05.Arms Around the Sun 06.In An Instant 07.Ray of Sunshine 08.Train Song 09.Drum/djembe battle > 10.Runaway Train 11.Good Thoughts Disc2 01.Potholes 02.Shining Through 03.Glide 04.Carry On 05.Holes in the Ground 06.This Fire 07.crowd ENCORE 08.D-Fumo
Downloads: 1,285
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2008-12-30 - Sardine Head
isc1 Set1 01:Untitled 02:Yellow Trick Tail 03:Half Sunset 04:Tele Tele ☆ Television 05:Romanchica 06:Interlude > Drum Solo > 07:Dakar Disc2 Set2 01:Cream Cheese Cake 02:No Otoko 03:MC 04:Condition Of The Heart* 05:Denen No Higashi 06:MC 07:Dream Man Grabs The Rabbit 08:Soil 09:MC 10:Block Signal 11:The Ending Disc3 Encore 01:crowd/MC 02:38 Pieces 03:Loop 04:crowd/MC 05:Movin'
Downloads: 211
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Powers2 on 2012-01-15 - Sardine Head
Disc1 01. Romanchica 02. Leap Frog 03. Beg 04. Untitled 05. Untitled 06. River The Wild 07. MC 08. Yellow Tale 09. Blow Ripple Disc2 Coil Sardine : jam session with Coil at Coil's 2nd Encore 01.MC 02.Hoochie Coochie Man 03.Got My Mojo Workin'
Downloads: 73
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2010-07-15 - Sardine Head
Disc1/Set 1 01.Shuffle 02.Fusion 03.Killifish Dance 04.Interlude 2 > 05.Romanchica 06.Nelson Disc2/Set2 01.Shuffle Reprise* 02.Preparation** 03.Goose Bumps* 04.世界遺産のテーマ(World Heritage Theme)*** 05.MC 06.Block Signal* 07.Soil 08.crowd Encore 09.Loop*
Downloads: 321 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Oshino Dead 2010 - Fumottopara on 2010-07-23 - Sardine Head
01.Dark Star 02.Help On The Way > Slipknot > 03.Franklin's Tower 04.MC 05.Unbroken Chain
Downloads: 254
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Oshino Dead 2012 - Fumotoppara on 2012-07-16 - Sardine Head
(One Set All) 01.King Kong 02.Eyes of the World 03.King Solomon's Marbles 04.On The Bright Side Of The Road 05.Shine On You Crazy Diamond
Downloads: 244
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2012-12-30 - Sardine Head
Set 1 01 MC 02 Cycle 03 Fusion 04 Untitled 05 Sun Day 06 Goose Bumps 07 Untitled 08 New Spiral 09 River The Wild Set2 01 MC 02 Crickets 03 Nelson 04 Snakes & Ladders 05 Rogers 06 The Moss 07 Funk 08 MC 09 Climb 10 Blow Ripple Encore 11 MC 12 Yellow Tail 13 Untitled
Downloads: 84
[etree]Sardine Head Live at Crocodile on 2006-12-30 - Sardine Head
Disc:1 01.Shuffle 02.Trick Cycling 03.Romanchica 04.Turbo Engine 05.Funk 06.New Tune 07.Killifish Dance 08.Loop Disc:2 01.Denen No Higashi 02.Cream Cheese Cake 03.Pool 04.Dream Man(New Tune) 05.38 Pieces 06.Yellow Tale Disc:3 01.Block Signal w/ Drum Solo 02.E1: Spiral 03.E2: Imrov > Movin'
Downloads: 1,105
[etree]Steve Kimock Live at Unit on 2013-03-23 - Steve Kimock
Disc1 / Set1 (78:00) 01. Cole's Law 02. Tangled Hangers 03. There's Gonna Be Butter 04. Many Rivers To Cross 05. Come Together 06. Y-Spy 07. You're The One Disc2 / set2 (74:31) 01. Five B4 Funk 02. Congo Man Chant > Get Up Stand Up 03. Ice Cream 04. Watching the River Flow 05. Stella Blue 06. Burning Down the House 07. Crowd Dosc3 / Encore (9:01) 01. Philadelphia Mambo
Downloads: 1,953 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[etree]The New Deal Live at O-nest on 2009-06-10 - The New Deal
Disc1 (One set all) 01:Jam > The Ray Parker Suite Part 2 > Jam > Moonscraper 02:Jam > 03:G-None Disc2 01:Jam > VL Tone > Wannabe > VL Tone 02:Deep Sun Encore 03:Technobeam
Downloads: 1,253 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[etree]Steve Kimock Live at Bayhall on 2013-03-24 - Steve Kimock
Disc1 / Set1 (68:12) 01. tuning 02. It's Up To You 03. 54-46 04. Take Me To The River 05. A New Africa 06. You Can't Do That > 07. Super Stupid Disc2 / Set2 (69:45) 01. tuning 02. Tongue n' Groove 03. TLC 04. Afro Blue 05. Hey Man 06. There's Gonna Be Butter 07. Red Hot Mama 08. Crowd Encore 09. Sleepwalk
Downloads: 891
[etree]Tedeschi Trucks Band Live at Shibuya Public Hall on 2012-02-08 - Tedeschi Trucks Band
Disc 1 01.Intro 02.Don't Let Me Slide 03.Everybody's Talkin' 04.Midnight In Harlem 05.Rollin' And Tumblin' 06.Until You Remember 07.Bound For Glory 08.Learn How To Love 09.Stevie Groove (Band Intro) Disc 2 01.Nobody's Free 02.Darlin Be Home Soon 03.That Did It 04.Uptight > 05.Oteil's Turn > Drums 06.Love Has Something Else To Say 07.crowd Encore 08.Sing A Simple Song > I Want To Take You Higher
Downloads: 110
[etree]Sardine Head Live at The Akamatsu on 2009-10-24 - Sardine Head
Disc1 Set1 01:Improvisation 02:Rise Sunrise 03:Fusion 04:Goose Bumps 05:Soil 06:Block Signal Disc2 Set2 01:Killifish Dance 02:Beg 03:Trick Cycling 04:MC 05:Helpless* 06:Fire On The Mountain* 07:Interlude 2 > 08:The Ending 09:encore break Disc3 Encore 01:Movin' 02:Loop 03:38 Pieces
Downloads: 81
[etree]Animal Liberation Orchestra Live at Thumbs Up on 2006-04-14 - Animal Liberation Orchestra
Fly Spectrum Jaden > Kolomana Red Headed Schoolgirl Freedom Jazz Dance Shapeshifter Pobrecito Possibly Drown Never Gonna Give You Up > Vocal Jam > Gardener I.V. Song Girl I Wanna Lay You Down Barbeque Haji Me Mashde Animal Liberation Brother Be Strong
Keywords: Live concert
Downloads: 10,349 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[etree]Majestic Circus Live at Chikyu-ya on 2007-12-08 - Majestic Circus
Disc1 set1 01:Jack Straw 02:Mr.Charlie 03:Big River 04:Scarlet Begonias > 05:Fire On The Mountain 06:Beat It On Down The Line 07:Funny Dance Disc2 set2 01:Saint Hole 02:Shakedown Street 03:Ain't That Peculiar > 04:Saint Goes Marchin' In 05:Sugaree 06:In The Midnight Hour 07:5/8 Disc3 set2 continued 01:Sugar Magnolia 02:Dancing In The Streets Encore 03:Playing In The Band > 04:Spring Wind > Alligator Jam > 05:Turtle Walk
Downloads: 943
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